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Copyright Notification Guidelines

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (or DMCA) is a rather controversial law by the US government enacted in 1998 by then-president Bill Clinton. The aim of DMCA is to balance the interests of copyright owners and users and look into any sort of copyright infringement that surface in the digital world. RareFile (www.rarefile.net) is not an Internet Service Provider under Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512 ("DMCA").

The DMCA is part of the United States copyright law, therefore is applicable only to websites hosted in the US. All sites hosted in the US are bound to obey the law. The DMCA is only applicable to websites hosted in the US. This is because DMCA is part of United States copyright law. Regardless of citizenship, nationality of the individual who owns the website or if a web host is a foreign entity, if their web hosting servers are located in the US then DMCA laws apply. We are not hosted in US. However we have copyright policy in our country and we take care of that with proper notification.

The following is an outline of RareFile's policies in relation to notices and takedown notices as required by the copyright notification. The following applies to any and all copyright/trademark and owners of intellectual property interested in utilizing this procedure, as well as service users interested in restoring access to material mistakenly taken down.

RareFile.net shall remove or disable access (maybe partially disable access to some country) to material residing on its servers, within 1 to 7 days after it has received a PROPER Notice of Infringing Material.

We take abuse of our service very seriously. If you wish to report a copyright infringement, we need you to send us a proper notification. A proper notification MUST have at least the following information, or it may be IGNORED:

To file a valid copyright notice, you need to provide us with the following information:

1. Identify and establish yourself as an owner of copyrighted work or provide proof of exclusive rights that you believe were infringed. If you are a person acting on behalf of such owner, please include proof (copy of an agreement, power of attorney or authorization letter) for verification purposes.

2. Include all your contact information: your TRUE NAME, business mailing address, day time phone number, and email address.

3. Identify the copyrighted work that you believe is being infringed.

4. Inform us of the location on the web (Internet) of copyrighted materials that allegedly are infringing your copyrights, of the location of these materials on RareFile by including URL on RareFile.net containing aforementioned material. I would like to inform you that bulk notifications are not accepted. Remember that you need to send a separate email for each of your content. You can submit more than one URL as a list (one URL per line) only if the "same content" is found in more than one URL.

5. It is very important for you to make sure that you only include material you have the authority over.

6. In your report include a statement worded: "I believe in good faith that use of the aforementioned material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the law. If I receive a counter notification for this copyright notification and after mutual review, it turns out that I made an erroneous/incorrect notification, I undertake to pay for the labor spent on this inspection."

7. When sending us notifications, you should only write in plain text format only. Do not send us embedded images, forms, or links to third-party sites other than "attachment". For security reasons, such emails are not read. If you are going to send us a scanned version of a signed document as an image file as an "attachment", the images must be of high quality. If you are going to send us a scanned version of a signed document as a PDF file as an "attachment", the PDF must be digitally signed.

To file your DMCA report, your valid DMCA Notice must be sent to RareFile.net email: dmca@rarefile.net

Please not that only those abuse reports sent to dmca@rarefile.net will be accepted for a review.

Action and Notification:
RareFile.net will follow the necessary procedures to investigate and if needed to properly enforce rights of copyright holders. When we to the best of our ability determine that your abuse report is in fact valid and truthful we will schedule the infringing material for removal, which takes anywhere from 1 to 7 days. We do not notify you. Please wait at least 10 days and check if material has been removed before re-filing a report.

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